Here are some of my current research articles.

Vitamin D Guidelines

a minimum blood level of 30 ng/mL is recommended and to guarantee sufficiency between 40 and 60 ng/mL for both children and adultshigh risk groups should be screened for deficiency including; obese individuals, black people, pregnant and lactating women, and patients...

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Gluten-Grains Wheat*, Spelt*, Kamut*, Triticale*(* are all forms of Wheat). Rye, Barley, Oats ( contains gluten but no gliadin). Gluten is a collective name to cover a number of proteins that occur in grains. Modern wheat, especially the wheat we consume in Ireland,...

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Blood Pressure Treatment

Blood Pressure Treatment Have your B.P. checked regularly. If you smoke, STOP. Reduce alcohol and Coffee. Lose weight if you need to. Have your Homocysteine levels checked.   With your doctor’s permission, follow a good exercise programme for a half hour, at...

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