Treatments Employed

No matter what therapy is used, from diet to herbs, John
uses his vast experience as a Pharmacist to ensure that the client can safely continue with any prescription or other medicine they may be taking.

Dietary Counselling

This addresses what, why, how and when you eat.
This may include:

weight loss, detoxification and longevity dietsdietary suggestions to address illness or nutrient deficienciesidentifying potential food intoleranceseating to your constitutional type

Herbal Medicine

Medicinal herbs are an incredibly effective way to treat a vast array of ailments and have a much better safety profile than conventional drugs. As a pharmacist and registered herbalist, John is uniquely qualified to advice on the safe use of herbs in conjunction with ongoing necessary medications.

Nutritional Supplements 

Using nutrients in supplement form (where dietary sources are inadequate) to:

correct nutritional deficienciesimprove bodily functionassist detoxification, repair and renewal processes


This uses high dose nutrients that have the capacity to act like pharmaceutical drugs and affect bodily processes but with a vastly better safety profile.

Lifestyle Counselling

This addresses other factors which may affect your well-being including:

exercisestress managementenvironmental pollutantsbreathing techniques

John Doran
Pharmacist, Herbalist, Naturopathic Consultant
phone: +353 1 2693684