What can be Treated?

Naturopathy can be used to treat or greatly improve most
conditions including:

Acne •ADHD •Allergies •Arthritis (Osteo & Rheumatoid)•Asthma •Anxiety •Blood Pressure (Low & Raised)•Cardiovascular Health •Cholesterol •Chronic Fatigue•Constipation •Crohn’s •Depression •Diabetes•Diverticulitis •Digestive Problems •Eczema•Endometriosis •Fibromyalgia •Frequent Infections•Hayfever •Infertility •Irritable Bowel Syndrome•Menopausal Symptoms •Menstrual Problems •Polycystic Ovary Syndrome •Prostate Enlargement (BPH) •Prostatitis •Psoriasis•Raynaud’s •Rosacea •Sinusitis •Stress •Thyroid Problems•Ulcerative Colitis •Weight Control.

Naturopathy may also be used to treat conditions which the western medical system barely acknowledges or has little interest in. These include:

•Adrenal Exhaustion•Bloating•Blood Sugar Level Problems•Candidiasis•Digestive problems•Disease prevention•Episodes of Suddenly Feeling “Unwell”•Fatigue•Feeling “not quite right”•Hair Loss or Thinning•Homocysteine (raised)•Hormone Imbalances•Improving Well-Being and Vitality•Leaky Gut Syndrome•Memory Loss, Foggy Thinking & Poor Concentration•Nutritional Deficiencies•Reduced Resistance to & Slow Recovery from Infection

As well as treating a patient’s specific complaints, Naturopathy places great emphasis on prevention and education. The whole person is treated, not just the disease. Detailed information on healthy living is an integral part of the Naturopathic consultation. This applies to all stages of life – preconception, healthy pregnancy, infant and child nutrition, right through to living healthily in old age. We should be able to enjoy good, robust health in every season of our lives

John Doran
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