What To Expect on your First Visit

Prior to your first visit you will be sent a detailed questionnaire to fill out. You will also be asked to provide a short medical history, as best you can remember, from childhood onwards. A brief outline of any significant or persistent illnesses in your immediate family, if possible, is also extremely helpful.You will also be asked to keep a five day food diary to ascertain what you normally eat and drink.

You will be asked to bring with you any medical tests you may have had done recently e.g. cholesterol levels.

The final requirement is to bring with you, or make a list of, all the prescription or over the counter medicines you are taking. Any vitamins, minerals, herbs or homoeopathic preparations should also be included.

During the actual visit a detailed case history will be taken in order to ascertain the specific influences affecting your health and well-being. Certain tests may be recommended but only if deemed absolutely necessary. These are simple, non-invasive and only require a pin-prick of blood from a finger tip or a sample of saliva.

All of this information is then used to construct a personalised treatment plan. This will be tailored to your individual needs and will take into consideration any personal or financial restrictions. John will also check for interactions between any remedies recommended and the client’s conventional medications.

All of this information is treated in the strictest confidence.

John Doran
Pharmacist, Herbalist, Naturopathic Consultant
email: John@naturopathysolutions.com
phone: +353 1 2693684